Jump Manual Review

Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual may be just the answer to your prayers; the vertical jump training program that seeks to increase vertical jump with routine high volume training. If you want an effective system following a natural method, then this will amaze you!

It consists of a series of routines high training volume, which finally after all, is the method used in any sport to improve in a specific skill or sport. Get to know about the most remarkable aspects of The Jump Manual, which is fantastic.

You will get an increase in your vertical jump of around 19 inches (in particular from 23 to 42 inches) at the conclusion of the program (because they are several phases of x week’s duration each, it is not clear how many phases performed). One inch is 2.54 cm, resulting in an increase of 48 cm jump, something that seems for anyone, but impossible. An increase of 10-15 cm is a logical outcome. Furthermore, the eBook describes that this will help improve sprint on 40 yards (36.5 m) of 5.0, to 4.27 seconds (very good for someone who is not sprinter time).

Does Jump Manual Work?

Strength, Speed And Power

The Jump Manual makes us remember, that improving a vertical jump is so important to work with a high strength and velocity (power = force x speed). Speed has a genetic constraint while strength can progress in a deeper way. As for speed, this refers to the speed with which we move the legs, is the amount of force that transmit to the ground as fast as possible.

With respect to the force, according to the% load on the maximum work load, we will promote different skills:
  • 0-25% Speed Training. In this work area would be included plyometric training. The jump squats, and medicine ball throws are some examples of exercises that work in this area loads.
  • 25-50% speed-strength training.
  • 55-80% speed-strength training. It would be equivalent to dynamic sessions methodology Westside Barbell, even using percentages between 40-60% in that case.
  • 80-100% of maximum strength training. This is the area in which we must work to improve our greatest strength, and therefore our power. It will complement the work plyometric sessions utmost force, based primarily on heavy squats.

Is Jump Manual a Scama?

Lifts? High or low ones to develop power? This is a classic question. It has been shown to be working with heavy loads, provided that the load does not involve deterioration in the art the movement in question. According to the program, regarding selected to work in parallel with a high strength exercises, you have to choose those basic movement patterns that stimulate the same muscles the desired sports movement (the principle of specificity). In the case of a vertical jump, a great exercise is the squat jump. According to a study by experts, where they implemented 10 week of training with 3 types of overhead (the first group to sit at high intensities, the second group work with plyometric jumps, and the third with jumps overloaded to 60% of RM squat), jumps saltabilidad load increase by 18%, plyometric work 10%, and 5% squat).

As for the duration of 1 repetition maximum strength exercise, should be 4 seconds or less, from the beginning to the end of the repetition.

Well, enough said, you've been saving all year, you are finally ready to buy this program that will change your life and will make you a great vertical jumper. If you love basketball and like to find new techniques to improve your game or to increase your strength and flexibility, this will help you increase your vertical, you'll learn to do some simple but very effective exercises to increase your vertical jump.

The program is a training which purpose is to get you to increase the power in the jumps, for that you do these exercises two days a week with few repetitions and the maximum force that can run with your legs. It is advisable that you do these exercises more than two days and then not get the strength and the desired effect. If you are consistent in conducting this training you get really good progress in the implementation of baskets in your favorite sport.

So, while there are dozens of vertical jump programs out there, most are good, some are excellent and some are poor. Before paying for anything, there are some things you need to do to ensure you make an informed decision. Before you even think about paying a penny for any program must consider the author of the script. The Jump Manual, instead, is a fabulous deal!

How To Jump Higher

What To Look For In The First Chapter

Two things are vital when thinking about starting a program jump. First, it is important that whatever program you choose takes a multifaceted approach to vertical jump training. With this I mean you must go into depth on several key factors that affect your jump some of which are: strength training, plyometrics, recovery diet, genetics, wound care and prevention psychology and sport.

Second, it has tools to customize the training to your needs as an individual; too many programs there taking a "one size fits all approach." This may mean that you waste your time, energy and precious dollars on a program that's right for you and therefore useless. This is personalized and complete. You can draw a routine based on precise information.

In conclusion, the information you gather from The Jump Manual first chapter and particularly the table of contents is very important! If you care about valuable information that can help your performance, do not think it twice. Once you've done your homework, you will be more than happy togo for the best training manual. Pay special attention to the details and features to maximize your performance.Would not it be great to rub minds with people who didn't believe in you? Well, I have news for you: you can! Think of the extra things the program can offer that others do not. Start today, you will be surprised on how many benefits are brought in no time.